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User-friendly, full-stack Bioinformatic pipelines,
easily scalable to HPC and
automatic tool handling

A set of standardized bioinformatic pipelines, covering the most common use-cases, all equipped with verbose outputs that provide ready-to-publish analyses and figures. Fully implemented in Snakemake they can scale up to all needs, come ready shipped with all required tools and are preconfigured.

Easy start

All pipelines are designed to take raw data input as provided from common sequencing technologies


All pipelines are open-source and apply only other open-source products. Completely free as in free beer!


Standardization across different workflows makes it easy to deploy various workflows with little to no efforts

All inclusive

All pipelines provide a verbose output with extensive quality checks, analytics and ready to publish analyses and figures.


Written in Snakemake, all pipelines support different HPC systems. Currently, they are shipped with slurm default configuration


All pipelines are configured to automatically install all required tools. Also users with no command-line experience can run sophisticated pipelines

Let’s boost your next Omics-project

Using those ready-made Snakemake pipelines will accelerate your next project, makes it reproducible and provides publication-ready figures and analyses